About Professional Organizing

Organized Closet

To get a better idea of what Hiring a Professional Organizer means let’s define Being Organized…

Suzi’s Definition of Being Organized:

Being able to find what you need when you need it.

Merriam-Webster Agrees:

To arrange or order things so that they can be found or used easily and quickly.

It is as simple as that. Getting there is the tough part, but luckily I’m here to help. Just like you might hire a personal trainer to help you get fit or lose weight, people look to hiring a Professional Organizer to help them shed their clutter and stress. Organizing is something you can learn, but its not uncommon to need the help of an experienced professional to help.

I believe Being Organized also means being able to enjoy life and live without the many kinds of stress being disorganized can cause. It means using systems, no matter how simple, to help us most optimally operate in our personal space and in our lives.

Here are some things that Professional Organizing is Not…Some Myths set straight if you will…

Organizing does not mean making your home look like the inside of Better Homes and Gardens, Southern Living, or Real Simple Magazines (or even some of the photos on this website) (Check out these Before and After Photos and Success Stories to see some real life examples.) Organizing means finding the right balance and right systems for the individual.
Organizers are not house cleaners and vice versa, a house cleaner is not an organizer (your dog walker probably isn’t the person to organize your home either) Professional Organizing takes a specialized skill set, and as Organizers we pride ourselves on our commitment to helping clients using our unique combinations of well developed skills.
Organizing does not mean going out and buying the best new organizing products. In fact systems can be set up without buying any products at all. The right product however can be of great help in aiding when the right systems are put in place. Here is a free tip…DO NOT buy bins, storage boxes, drawers organizer, etc. before you start the process of de-cluttering. There are actually multiple steps that come before, what many find to be the exciting part, shopping. Check out the “How” on the Services page to get an idea of the steps or getting your home or office organized.
Organizing does not mean throwing away all your stuff. I will not make you throw away anything you don’t want to throw away. Organizing can however mean bringing attention to your need for things and the number of those things you have. While belongings may be in great shape and very usable, we need to ask the question “Do I really use this, and how often?” If the answers are no and never, then I can help those items get to people who do have the space and the need for them.

About Suzi Smith

I first began organizing as a profession in the fall of 2010, but I have been an Organizer my whole life…

Suzi Smith Professional OrganizerIn recent adventures helping my parents move out of their home of 35 years I came upon a never before seen VHS from a Christmas long ago.  As my father scans the room with the heavy outdated camera resting on his shoulder you hear him remark “what an organized little girl!” I was 3 and arranging my new Christmas treasures neatly on a chair.

In middle school and high school I continued in these organized habits, always making sure that not only were my things always organized (and re-organized) but that friends were staying organized as well. In visits to friends homes for the purpose of school projects I could be found making sure their closets were in order before we could sit down to do the assignment.

After growing up and attending highschool in bustling Brooklyn, New York I moved on, studying International Relations at Stanford University in beautiful California and then continued my journey after graduating college in the mountains of Colorado. Always using my organizing skills along the way, whether it be learning to share and thrive in the tiniest dorm room you could imagine or managing life always on the move on 30 day Mountaineering and Backpacking trips with the National Outdoor Leadership School. The skill of seeing and utilizing spaces to its maximum productivity level has always been a gift I hold dear.

Back in 2010 I found out that I could do what I loved for a living…Organizing… and I immediately did the necessary research, took classes, and began sharing my knowledge with anyone who was in need. I love Organizing and I want to help others! I also love cooking, decorating, exploring Charlotte and North Carolina, golf, and indoor cycling.

Okay enough reminiscing…My goal at present as a Professional Organizer in the Charlotte, North Carolina area is to help people get more joy out of life by creating customized organizing solutions to those in need and I’m guessing that might mean you! I would love to help you get your home and life organized.

There are many reasons to hire a Professional Organizer and I have touched upon a few on my Home Page, check out the “Why” on my Services Page to learn more about the Benefits of getting your home organized by Hiring ME!

I truly believe that by clearing the clutter we can achieve a higher quality of life and wellness.

“Be Organized and Be Well”

My Morals

My Professional Morals are Non-Judgment, Confidentiality, ProfessionalismFlexibility, Open-Mindedness and Mindfulness.  I am also observant, a good listener, knowledgeable, punctual, compassionate, and committed. As a member of NAPO, I abide by the NAPO Code of Ethics.

My Method

My Method is to carefully learn about each client, plan out the best solutions on an individual basis and then communicate and teach the necessary skills to allow each client to maintain their solutions. I Promise to provide the highest level of customer service and follow-up with each client.

My Mission

My Mission as a Professional Organizer in the Charlotte, NC area it to help people live happier more productive lives filled with fun and free from the stress of clutter. I believe in a mindful approach to organizing our modern lives and that by focusing on improving the spaces we live in we can improve our overall well-being. By de-cluttering our homes and creating customized organizing solutions that are easy to maintain we can create more time to do the things we love with the people we love.
Helping clients with organizing solutions since 2010.